Eggscellent giveaways
Celebrate Easter weekend the Golden Tee way!

Easter giveaway

With Easter shortly upon us, Golden Tee is celebrating the only way we know how; giveaway codes!

Hit the "OPTIONS" button at any point during a LIVE game and highlight and select "GIVE AWAY CODE." From there simply type in 2900000000 (29, and then eight zeros which represent eggs, of course) and you will receive this lovely bit of egg art.

You can also enter 1900000000 (19, and then eight zeros) and 15EB000000 (15EB, and then six zeros) for more Easter holiday giveaways!

Don't forget that it is frowned upon to steal candy or money from the young kids during any Easter egg hunt you may be apart of.  Outside of that, we hope you have a hopping good Easter holiday with your family and friends!

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