Ultimate Cycle Update
A month left to play all 60 course for 2018 discounts!

We're almost a month into our Golden Tee Home Edition Ultimate Cycle contest and over 40 players have completed the monstrous task of playing all 60 Golden Tee LIVE courses! 

If you haven't done so yet, complete an online game on each of the 60 courses on your GT Home Edition and you can win a free update in a multitude of ways. You can also receive a significant discount off of your 2018 update.

The breakdown of the contest will be as such: play 60 games, receive $60 off your Golden Tee 2018 update. Play 30 games, and you’re discount will be $30. These are the only two thresholds we will include when it comes to discounts (aka, 45 games won’t get you $45 off.) 

You’re one or the other—all-in of halfway there. Plan accordingly.

As part of this contest, we will also be totaling up scores across all 60 courses. The marathon of completing the Ultimate Cycle is only part of the fun. We will also total up scores for the players who complete games on all 60 courses and rank them. You can play as many games as you wish to improve your score on a course in this time

The player with the lowest combined will earn a free update. The rest of the payouts—discounts on top of the $60 for completing the cycle—will be as follows. Total Great Shot Points will serve as a tiebreaker in the event that one is needed. 

1st: Free Golden Tee 2018 Update ($450 Value)

2nd: $200 off Golden Tee 2018 Update ($260 Total)

3rd: $100 off Golden Tee 2018 Update ($160 Total)

4th: $75 off Golden Tee 2018 Update ($135 Total)

5th: $50 off Golden Tee 2018 Update ($110 Total)

6th-10th: $25 off Golden Tee 2018 Update ($85 Total)

You have until October 1st to get your games in and get your discount.  

Not in the Top 10? You can still win a free update! We will raffle off one free Golden Tee 2018 update to a player outside the Top 10 who completes the Ultimate Cycle—playing all 60 games.

If you have any questions about the Ultimate Cycle, pre-ordering your 2018 update or just general information on the Golden Tee Home Edition, please contact Josh Pick.

Here is an excel file that you can use to track progress on your quest of the ULTIMATE Cycle!

Last but not least, some final “rules.” 

  • The event will start at midnight central on August 15 and end at midnight the moment the calendar hits October. 
  • You MUST play online games: Stats, Contests or Invitationals using the same method for login (same player) in order to be included. 
  • Game MUST be played on a Golden Tee Home Edition, and players must be the owner of the game to receive a discount. 

List of those who have completed the Ultimate Cycle as of 11:30am, September 7th.

  • Ken Ankeny
  • Matthew Brennan
  • Jay Brodala
  • Richard Buus
  • Rich Carter
  • Ken Caskey
  • Brian Chelliah
  • Butch Cooper
  • Darryl Dare
  • Steve Duerr
  • Neal Ensley
  • Cory Freeman
  • Jason Gliszczynski
  • Billy Guffey
  • Eric Huffman
  • Thomas Johnsen
  • Clinton Johnson
  • Rusty Kerr
  • Joseph Kimmer
  • Randy Koehler
  • Bill Krueger
  • Ej Labillois
  • Landon Macaluso
  • Michael Metcalf
  • Jon Odonnell
  • Bob Osborne
  • Tony Paz
  • Eric Platek
  • Gregg Reimer
  • Richard Rohrman
  • Ray.C See
  • Louis Shaikun
  • Jason Specht
  • William Stewart
  • David Stout
  • Brian Stowell
  • Daniel Tarlton
  • Robert Thompson
  • Matt Vanhoosier
  • Darcy Vollmer
  • Travis Vriezelaar
  • Richard Zelenka
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