Ultimate Cycle 2.0 Final Results
Did you complete the 2017 ultimate cycle?

Ultimate Cycle 2017

After almost two long months of the ultimate Golden Tee competition, 170 Home Edition players played all 60 LIVE courses in their own man-cave. Some played all of these course twice and a handful of them played them three times or more!

The goal of the Ultimate Cycle was to further prove how passionate our Golden Tee Home Edition fan base truly was, and you have all responded so well.

Although we have provided routine updates over the last few weeks, we've never shared the ridiculous scores that some of you have put up.  That time is now.

The ultimate prize was a free 2018 Home Edition update, with various discounts given away to the rest of the top ten.  Last year's ultimate winner, Tony Johnson, has done it again this year with a total score of -1705.  His score was more than 25 strokes lower than Michael Bowling's second place score of -1682.

Congratulations to Tony and to all of our players who have completed the Ultimate Cycle. Once again, your participation surpassed our expectations,which is par-for-the-course with you guys.

Congratulations also go out to Arturo Serrato, our random draw winner of a free update.  He was selected randomly out of our 170 participants.

If you've played all 60 courses, you will receive at least $60 off of your update.  That list can be found here.

If you've played over 30 games but not all 60, then you will receive $30 off of your update.  That list can be found here.

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