Summer Swing is Back!
Our annual Home Edition contest returns to close out summer 2019!

Summer Swing 2019


The Summer Swing Home Edition contest is back and we’re changing things up this year by bringing a bit of the Ultimate Cycle to this year’s contest!

Between August 15th and September 15th, players have the opportunity to go back and enjoy the first six years of GT LIVE courses for a chance to win a free 2020 update!

The stipulations are simple: you must own your game, play ONLINE—18 Holes, Contest Play or Invitational contest. You must also use the same Golden Tee Card, cardless ID or Lost Card ID throughout the contest.

Golden Tee LIVE

  • Coral Vista
  • Cumberland
  • Heather Pointe
  • Kangaroo Trail
  • Whispering Valley

Golden Tee LIVE 2007

  • Glacier Ranch
  • Indigo Mound
  • Moose Landing
  • Palm Springs
  • Rustic Bridge

Golden Tee LIVE 2008

  • Bayou Bay
  • Cypress Cove
  • Eagle Crest
  • Misty Springs
  • Summit Lakes

Golden Tee LIVE 2009

  • Black Hills
  • Bonnie Moor
  • Grand Savannah
  • Sunny Wood
  • Woodland Farm

Golden Tee LIVE 2010

  • Bella Toscana
  • Monument Valley
  • Southern Oaks
  • Tahiti Cove
  • The Great Wall

Golden Tee LIVE 2011

  • Alpine Run
  • Falcon Sands
  • Grizzly Flats
  • Laurel Park
  • Timber Bay

The top 3 players with the best combined scores from the 30 courses listed above will win a free update!  Great Shot Points and Golden Tee Points will be used as tiebreakers.

Play each course as many times as you want in order to get your best score!

Every Home Edition owner that completes the cycle of 30 courses in those four weeks will be eligible for these additional prizes:

  • 10 free GT 2020 HE updates (yes, you read that correctly)
  • 10 $50 GT gift cards
  • 25 GT Home Edition t-shirts

We will raffle off the t-shirts, gift cards and free updates once the contest has concluded.

In order for data to count, all games during qualifying must be completed. And again, you must play online with the SAME player account in order for you information to accumulate.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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