Summer Swing heads to the final week
Recapping the past two weeks of the Home Edition contest

Summer Swing

It’s been a very busy few weeks for the Golden Tee team, so we apologize for not getting a recap of week 3 up last week.

This week’ wrap-up will cover both the great shot points contest on Ruby Rock and the most double eagles on Teal Garden.

Ruby Rock:

Ruby Rock Summer Swing

Congratulations to Daniel Kaliszewski, Allan Zerull, Michael Bowling and Frank Knowles for playing enough games of Ruby Rock to qualify (and to never want to see another rock obstacle on a golf course again)!

Teal Gardens: 

Congratulations to Matt VanHoosier, Mark Carter, Jason Lipping and Joseph Kimmer for having the most double eagles on Teal Gardens.  O’Connor barely snuck in by having the most great shot points in one game!

These 8 players all qualify for for our main event where the top 20 will face off for a variety of prizes, including a free 2018 Home Edition update!

Our final contest is the mystery contest and you have until 11:59pm CDT on July 7th to play games on Sandy Reef!

After July 7, once all 20 players have qualified, they will be sent a locked conditions card that will allow them the opportunity to play each 2017 course ONE TIME only. No mulligans, no do-overs. You will play each course one time and your total combined score under par will be ranked against other players. This must be played on a Golden Tee Home Edition. The 2017 cycle must be completed by July 21.

You must also use the same Golden Tee Card, cardless ID or Lost Card ID throughout in order for data to count, all games during qualifying must be completed. And again, you must play online with the SAME player account in order for you information to accumulate.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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