Golden Additions
Build-A-Bag, Pro Shop and the Player Locker are Now Available on LIVEWIRE!

Welcome to this brave new online world. You can now dress your golfer, create your own club sets and purchase/set your equipment on LIVEWIRE.

While these options have been exclusive to the GT Caddy, that is no longer the case. can now serve as your customization hub, if you’re unable to access the features on your mobile device. Although you were able to add money to your account on LIVEWIRE before today—and you can still do this now—more doors have been opened.

To access these new additions, simply log in to your web account on LIVEWIRE. Once you do, you’ll be greeted to these web enhancements in the Golden Tee section of your account.

Here’s what’s new.



Yes, this exciting new 2016 addition can now be accessed through the web. Build-A-Bag allows you to craft your dream club set, name it, assign it to a course (or courses) and use it in LIVE games.

Design a set that suits your skills or that suits a certain terrain. The equipment world is yours.


Player Locker

Find the perfect outfit for your virtual golfer. Get the clothing just the way you like it—keeping it simple or unleashing your wild side.

Best part? You no longer have to wait for that amazing item you’ve always wanted. Do a little clothing shopping while you’re online, and you can unlock the dream gear you’ve always wanted.


The Pro Shop

It’s not just Build-A-Bag. You can now purchase club sets, balls and tees on LIVEWIRE. Consider this the ideal way to distract you in your cubicle.

Max out your golf bag with virtual balls. Purchase 300 tees at once. Set your default club set so it shows up the next time you play. You now have complete control from your desk.

While we encourage you to download the GT Caddy, those of you hanging onto your flip phones now can get in on the fun. Check out the all-new additions simply by logging in. 


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