IT’s Latest Online Game Now Has an Online Home As Ship Day Approaches

It’s a busy week on the ol’ website, and the LIVE triangle on LIVEWIRE is now complete. Well, sort of.

The Stats Pages for Golden Tee LIVE, Silver Strike LIVE and PowerPutt LIVE have gotten a wonderful facelift and can now be found on LIVEWIRE. While this is a large, welcomed change, it’s not the only new item of note on the site.

PowerPutt LIVE is set to begin shipping in early April, aka SOON, so we’ve updated the website accordingly just days before the game leaves the building.

The How to Play section is worth a look if you’re looking to become acclimated with the game before you play. As is a rundown of the courses new and old. The Daily Contest page is also up, but since there are no contests just yet, it’s not operational. It will be soon enough. For more information on these contests, which will award cash prizes each day, click here.

And yes, the 30 Under Club has made its way over to LIVEWIRE. We’ll be adding new names soon enough, so be sure to work on your putting stroke to be one of the first to attempt this feat on PowerPutt LIVE!

Much more to come this week including the PowerPutt LIVE trailer and more shipping information. Stay tuned to LIVEWIRE for all things LIVE.

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