Silver Strike LIVE Goes LIVE!
The Online Home for the World’s Greatest Bowling Game Has Moved, Well, Sorta

The next phase of LIVEWIRE integration is complete.

Although Golden Tee made the official move to LIVEWIRE when GT 2012 shipped back in the fall, both PowerPutt and Silver Strike LIVE have remained on their original sites. Over the next few months, all of that is about to change.

Silver Strike LIVE has officially made the move over to LIVEWIRE and can now be accessed without having to leave the webpage. The URL will now take you to the LIVEWIRE home versus the older site that remained the SSB hub. What does this mean in terms of changes? Well, aside from everything being in the same spot, not a whole lot just yet. 

The 300 Clubs have been combined and now feature both Silver Strike LIVE and SSBC bowlers. Other than that, we’ve upgraded the appearance and made things much easier to find and search. This was the next step in finalizing the website, although it’s certainly not the last.

A new Player Login with Stats pages are on the way, as is the creation of PowerPutt LIVE web page. This will all be ready and available by the time the game ships in the spring.

We won’t be stopping there, either. Expect new and exciting features to hit LIVEWIRE throughout the year.

Much more to come…stay tuned.

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