Introducing: Roadside 66
The Beauty of the Open Road! PowerPutt LIVE’s Second Course Revealed!

From pirate ships to the Wild West, the original PowerPutt brought golfers to three unique locations to tackle virtual mini-golf. In PowerPutt LIVE, we’ve upped the ante, and the courses go well beyond your typical putt-putt setups that you’re used to.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be revealing each of the new PowerPutt LIVE courses so you know what to expect when the game ships in the spring. On top of that, we’ll visit some of the original, revamped (more on that soon enough) courses that some of you might be seeing for the first time.

Last week we looked at the Egyptian-themed gem, King Putt’s Tomb. Now, we’re turning out attention towards the open road, and more specifically, the American classic that is Roadside 66.

Route 66 first originated in Springfield, Missouri. Known for dive diners, drive-ins and some unique objects tucked away in relative isolation, the road that stretched from Chicago to the Pacific coast had a little bit of everything. Roadside 66 encompasses what you could expect to see on this journey west and combines it into 18 holes of fabulous mini-golf.

To stay with this theme, the course has, well, a bit of everything. You’ll hit through drive-ins, you’ll shoot through a gas station and/or the car repair garage and you’ll run into road construction that will certainly impact which path you take on a given hole. This is only scratching the surface (we don’t want to give it all away) of objects and obstacles on this one.

Some of these objects will be in motion, and you’ll have to hit around, under, over and through these to get to the proper destination. These are fun and fair tests, and you’ll certainly have to plan your first shots accordingly.

On top of this, there are handful of very intriguing shortcuts and alternative routes to the cup that will REALLY give you a more direct path to the hole. Finding these shortcuts are only half the battle, however, as most of these will still require a very accurate shot to repeat on a regular basis. Some of these come with some potential penalties as well (water, OB, etc.) which is something to take note of.

My favorite aspect of this course, however, is the variation you get from hole to hole. The setting of Route 66 gave the designers a chance to incorporate as many different objects you could possibly imagine on this American classic. They certainly took advantage of it, and it works absolute wonders in the mini-golf world.

Here are a few of screen shots to give you a taste of what you can expect. Be sure to check out the screens of King Putt’s Tomb as well and stay tunes for more information including the official PowerPutt LIVE release date!

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