• Golden Tee 2020 New Tees & Pins
    See all five 2020 courses newest tees and pin placements!
  • Six Hole Preview: Mayfield
    Our third six-hole preview is your local neighborhood golf course!
  • Six Hole Preview: Calypso Key
    Our next stop is beautiful Barbados for our second course preview!
  • Six Hole Preview: Safari Dunes
    We're headed to south Africa for our first course preview!
  • Stopping in Germany
    Our last new course for 2018 takes you along the Rhine River
  • A trip to Barbados
    Get a taste of the Caribbean course Calypso Key!
  • Take Two!
    Our second course trailer is revealed; hello Safari Dunes!
  • Welcome to the neighborhood!
    See the first images of our local neighborhood course, Mayfield!
  • Welcome to the Middle Ages
    Exploring Camelot, the Final Creation on PowerPutt LIVE 2013
  • Let's Take a Trip
    Safari River, PowerPutt LIVE 2013's Wildest and Most Predictable Ride
  • To the Haunted House We Go
    Introducing PowerPutt LIVE 2013’s Most Terrifyingly Awesome Creation
  • Introducing the Power LIVE 2013 Courses
    Five New Mini-Golf Creations are on the Way in the Latest Mini-Golf Update
  • Video: PowerPutt LIVE in action
    You know the courses, you’ve seen the screenshots, but you’ve never seen them like this
  • Introducing: Big Foot Bend
    We Head to the Great Outdoors for PowerPutt LIVE’s Final New Creation
  • Introducing: Roadside 66
    The Beauty of the Open Road! PowerPutt LIVE’s Second Course Revealed!
  • Introducing: King Putt’s Tomb
    PowerPutt LIVE’s First Course is Revealed!
  • Classic Addition
    In Golden Tee 2012, You Now Have Access to Every LIVE Course Ever Created!
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