A trip to Barbados
Get a taste of the Caribbean course Calypso Key!

Calypso Key

Here they are, in all their glory, all week long. One of the most anticipated weeks of the year—beyond the release of the actual game itself, of course—has come. For the next five days, you will see the new Golden Tee 2018 courses in action. Real life moving pictures, better known as the course trailers.

We continue our trailer reveals with a stop in Barbados where you'll play at Calypso Key

At one of the southern most points of the Caribbean lies an 18-hole golf course seemingly tucked away. Sure, the white beaches will look somewhat familiar; as will the crystal blue water and white waves as they crash throughout. But here on the island of Barbados, the traditional “tropical” course label will be rewritten. Rocks and rough and large, never-before-seen palm trees line all fairways. What this land may lack in elevation it makes up for in terrain. Prepare to be floored by its beauty but also bewildered by all these glorious elements coming together all at once.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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