Introducing: Big Foot Bend
We Head to the Great Outdoors for PowerPutt LIVE’s Final New Creation

From pirate ships to the Wild West, the original PowerPutt brought golfers to three unique locations to tackle virtual mini-golf. In PowerPutt LIVE, we’ve upped the ante, and the courses go well beyond your typical putt-putt setups that you’re used to.

Over the past few weeks we’ve revealed the new PowerPutt LIVE courses so you know what to expect when the game ships in the spring. On top of that, we’re still going to visit some of the original, revamped (more on that soon enough) courses that some of you might be seeing for the first time.

Thus far we’ve looked at both King Putt’s Tomb and Roadside 66. Next up, PowerPutt LIVE’s final new course that takes us to the great outdoors.

Say hello to Big Foot Bend.

Nature meets mini-golf, which makes for one heck of a combo. Yes, you’ll see Big Foot wandering in the background of the course, but make sure not to focus too intently on him or you could run into trouble.

Moving objects on this course are a plenty, and you’ll have to time your shots right and be accurate with them, too. From cutouts of the great Big Foot to beavertails, you’ll have to make sure you’re hitting towards the cup and past obstacles at the appropriate time.

On the topic of those beavertails, wooden logs will be key in how you fair on Big Foot Bend. After all, we are indeed enjoying one of nature’s finest creations.

These logs, however, will be situated in a variety of different places. You’ll hit over them, through them, off of them and more. By the 18th hole they’ll either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Other nature-centric objects will certainly come into play as well, and although there isn’t as much water as you might expect, there are some streams, creeks and well placed hazards that you’ll have to be aware of.

This course is not only a fun, but it it’s also a wonderful compliment to the other courses. Each has a bit of variety and a much different feel, which is exactly what you’re looking for in mini-golf.

Although we’re done previewing the new courses in PowerPutt LIVE, we still have much to discuss. Tune in next week to hear why some of the original PowerPutt courses are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Before we go, here’s a look at Big Foot Bend.

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