Video: PowerPutt LIVE in action
You know the courses, you’ve seen the screenshots, but you’ve never seen them like this

PowerPutt LIVE’s newest creations are currently receiving their final tweaks and getting ready for a spring launch. What can you expect when the game hits your establishment o’ choice? Well, we guarantee you’ve never played a mini-golf game like this.

You’ve seen King Putt’s Tomb, Roadside 66 and Bigfoot Bend, but you’ve never seen them in action.

Until now.

We’ve filmed a taste of what each of these courses have to offer and will be passing along more videos in the coming weeks before launch. Not only will PowerPutt LIVE bring three new courses as well as upgrades to the three courses from the original game, but you’ll be able to showcase your skills on these courses in daily online contests and track your progress and statistics online.

There’s much more to come on the contests as well as the other features in the game. For now, however, here’s a peak at a few of the holes on each of the new courses.

Stay tuned to LIVEWIRE for more!

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