Classic Addition
In Golden Tee 2012, You Now Have Access to Every LIVE Course Ever Created!

There’s a good chance you’ve never played every course ever released on Golden Tee LIVE.

Some of you true trackball veterans might have, but a good chunk of the GT world has never had an opportunity to test their skills against classic creations like Kangaroo Trail or Whispering Valley. In past updates, players have had access to the five current courses as well as five classic courses on that particular game. These classic courses could be altered by an operator, but this wasn’t exactly an accessible change unless that operator was present.

Those days are a thing of the past.

In Golden Tee 2012, players will now have access to all thirty-five courses at anytime. That’s right, every LIVE course is at your fingertips in Casual, Glory and Stats play on all 2012 machines.

“To a lot of the people, these courses will be brand new,” said Golden Tee project manager Brian Jandula. “Although the new 2012 courses certainly are exciting, we think that providing access to these past creations will give the game depth beyond anything we’ve seen since LIVE debuted.”

To showcase just how this feature will operate in 2012 we recorded some brief footage showing it in action. Note: it was filmed using a cell phone and is rather raw. Translation: the quality is quite terrible, but you’ll be able to see that all LIVE courses will be yours when 2012 hits.


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