• Golden Tee PGA Tour Edition
    Welcome to a new era of #GoldenTee!
  • Get Your GT Home Edition For Christmas
    Order your GoldenTee Home Edition for Christmas!
  • Welcome to GO!
    Portable, lightweight GT Go is now available at Costco!
  • National Golden Tee Tour Announced!
    Six-City Tournament eSports Circuit to be Streamed Starting This February
  • Don Pesceone retires, new leadership announced
    Adam Kramer and Josh Pick promoted to Vice President
  • Launched in Canada
    Golden Tee Golf is now LIVE in Canada on Apple and Android devices!
  • Golden Tee is Going Mobile
    The Game You Know and Love is Heading to Your Apple and Android Device in 2019
  • GT Classic comes to the home in 2019
    IT is partnering up with Arcade1Up and Tastemakers LLC to bring you "Classic" GT!
  • Santa's secret
    Christmas is a week away, but we're bringing it early to our fans!
  • New Tees Monday!
    Monday, April 2nd is the launch of all new tee boxes and pins for the 2018 courses
  • Golden Tee '98
    Our next #MarqueeMonday showcases two new designs for the 1998 edition of GT
  • Design-a-Hole 2019
    You have until the middle of April to possibly get your dream golf hole in GT!
  • Design-a-Hole 2019
    Coming soon!
  • Headin' to '97
    Our next #MarqueeMonday takes us back to the first yearly update to Golden Tee Golf!
  • Golden Tee in 3D
    Our next Marquee Monday is Golden Tee's debut in 3D!
  • November 1st changes
    Our first wave our time-released content hits next Wednesday!
  • Alert: YouTube Authorization Notice
    A Heads Up For Those Uploading Great Shots in the Not-too-Distant Future
  • Last Call For Gift Cards!
    Today is the Day! Secure Gift Cards Order to Secure Holiday Shipping!
  • Holiday Heads Up
    Please Take Note of the Following Changes to Cash Out Dates
  • Course Caddy: Highland Links No. 5
    The Most Interesting (Sometimes) Reachable Par-4 in 2014
  • We'll Do It LIVE
    Goldentee.com Will Be Streaming Power Events’ Upcoming Florida Open
  • The Golden Tee Shots of the Year
    The Best, Luckiest, Most Skillful Shots from the Year that Was
  • Golden Tee Year in Review
    Stats, Bests, Totals and More from 2013! You Did Good, GT Players!
  • December Announcements
    Looking to Cash Out This Month? Here are the Dates You Need to Know!
  • RIP, The Voice of Golden Tee
    Pat Summerall passes away at the age of 82
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