Golden Tee '98
Our next #MarqueeMonday showcases two new designs for the 1998 edition of GT

Golden Tee '98

With the International Tournament System being so successful for both the original Golden Tee 3D Golf and its first yearly update, Golden Tee '97, the decision was made to give the tournament and non-tournament games different marquees.

Golden Tee 98 coursesWhen Golden Tee '98 was released in the fall of 1997, update kits and machines flew off of the shelves of Incredible Technologies' office. 

Hundreds of locations across the US saw the purple and gold marquee as game updates were installed.  The new courses for '98 were Arbor Hill, Bayou Bend and Palm Grove. 

When the spring of '98 hit and the tournament edition was released, more games were sold across the US and even in the UK, showing off the blue and green golf course with Peter Jacobsen in the background.

The Golden Tee 3D series continued to be a hit with operators, locations and players, all while offering thousands of dollars in prizes across the globe!

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