8-30 Classic Course of the Week
New York's Rustic Bridge takes over as the next CCOTW!

Rustic Bridge CCOTW

Week four of Classic Course of the Week for prizes takes us to another old-school favorite, Rustic Bridge, for the week of August 30, 2021!

It will be selectable option on the course selection screen on Prize Play for the entire week, sitting alongside the rest of the 2021 courses. Come late Sunday night into Monday, Rustic will give way for another option. That course will then enjoy its time in the spotlight until it is replaced a week later. 

Whether you’ve been in search of some Golden Tee variety OR you merely want to compete on more than a decade’s worth of courses for prizes, this is your time.

Be sure to check out your Golden Tee 2021 cabinet this week to enjoy everything Rustic Bridge has to offer!

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