New Tees Monday!
Monday, April 2nd is the launch of all new tee boxes and pins for the 2018 courses

New tees Monday!

No Aprils' fool day joke here.  Come Monday, April 2nd, the five main 2018 courses will have all new tee boxes and pin placements.  Rattlesnake Ridge and Mystic Hills will not be affected by this.

Some of these changes will be minimal and might only affect the distance or angle of your tee shot by a few yards.  Other new boxes will be more noticeable when the direction of your shot completely changes, as well as possibly adding or subtracting a hundred yards or more! 

There is even a hole that changes par with these new boxes, but we will let you figure that one out for yourself.

This small change will have a big impact over the next few months.  The first of which will be the national PEGT tournament next weekend and then those vying for the last 10 spots in our Prize Play qualifiers for the World Championships.

It will be a fun, new take on Golden Tee and we hope you enjoy the challenges that are ahead.  Be sure to send those crazy shots for a chance at our YouTube Shots of the Week!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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