Golden Tee PGA Tour Edition Preview
Welcome to a new era of #GoldenTee!

New Year, New Beginnings. Welcome to a new era of #GoldenTee!


I have thought about what to say for a long time—how to properly introduce a new platform of Golden Tee. Amid the madness of 2020, we have made it. And I really couldn’t be more excited or thankful to be delivering that to you today.

Excuse the word buffet. But there are some things I want to clear up to eliminate confusion.

The Golden Tee PGA TOUR Edition is coming THIS year. And it’s going to be arriving sooner than expected. I know you have questions—probably a ton of them and for good reason. We’re going to get to all of them in time, and I appreciate the patience in advance.

It’s important, however, that we highlight something extremely important. The current installment of Golden Tee is not going away. Anything said otherwise is flat-out wrong. We’re going to be developing updates for this game for the years to come. We’re going to keep altering Events—including adding 9 holers and money $hot type contests. These games are going to be live and full of energy for years to come. This is incredibly important to me and our company, and I want to be as clear as I possibly can be on this.

I want to add some clarity on the Home Edition front. This will not be all the answers, but some. We are launching this commercially to start. That is our focus. This product will not launch to the home to begin, and we will outline the timeline to change that in the future. Also, when I said we are supporting our current platform, I mean it. This is not going away. This is a major focus of ours and we are committing to at least five years of support, additions, and engagement. This is hugely important to us. I know it's hugely important to many of you as well. This won't just stop; we're just getting going. Long, long road ahead. I promise you that.

Regarding the PGA TOUR Edition, I’ll say this: We are planning to mesh what makes Golden Tee great right now with vibrant, real golf courses. We will do so with a new cabinet (coming soon) that uses new tech that is wildly exciting. We will add new modes over time that bring these worlds together.

We are partnering with the PGA TOUR in hopes of taking this game to a new stratosphere. This is a long-term partnership, and they are great partners. The story of how this came about is one we plan to share in time, and it’s one I am excited to share. (I still can’t believe this is real, but it is.)

The possibilities are endless. I am not just saying that as a marketing guy by trade—well, maybe a little. But I mean it. There is still so much life in a game that is more than 30 years old, and we are going to tap into that life in exciting ways. This is a vision we have had for years—one that is constantly being remolded—and I am so excited that we can finally say this out loud.

The Golden Tee Fan Facebook group, in particular, highlights why we are able to do something this bold. The passion is still there. I know I have it. And I just want to thank you for allowing us to do something this grand. I truly believe this can change the way Golden Tee is viewed. I believe it will rapidly grow our audience. I believe we can engage people in a way we haven’t before. That’s why we’re doing what we’re doing.

The timing is a point to be made. Never in my life did I think we would have to work a product launch around a vaccine. But here we are. We will be extremely sensitive to this, and we have been working closely with a lot of people behind the curtain to help get that in motion. I just think something of this scope can't possibly be done at once. We will rollout accordingly and hopefully answer all questions in time. We'll start with the relationship/partnership and move forward.

As I wrap up this monstrosity, I hope that you’ll remain patient with us. Launching an update during a pandemic was nothing short of behind-the-curtain madness. This, of course, is on an entirely different level.

I couldn’t be prouder of the people making this possible, and I also can’t thank IT’s ownership enough. They believe in this product, in our division, in the vision and the dedication from people like you. It’s why we’re allowed to do this. (I legitimately can’t wait.)

This promises to be a very exciting stretch. News, images, information, courses, etc. will come fast. We have a lot to get done, but are very excited to be where we are. And we are thrilled you are coming on this journey with us.

Happy New Year. Happy 2021 and beyond.  

Cheers to all,

Adam Kramer

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