Headin' to '97
Our next #MarqueeMonday takes us back to the first yearly update to Golden Tee Golf!

Golden Tee '97

Golden Tee '97 coursesThe year is 1996 and Incredible Technologies had just successfully launched the International Tournament System for their new platform, Golden Tee 3D Golf. 

Immediately after the success of 3D Golf and the ITS, work began on the next update for Golden Tee, the 1997 update.

Golden Tee '97 came out in the early spring of 1997 with 3 new courses; Pine Creek, Coral Ridge and Red Sands. 

This new update went on to win countless awards throughout the amusement industry. 

In late spring the tournament edition was released and the decision was made to make yearly updates for Golden Tee Golf.

That tradition continues to this day over 20 years later and will do so again when Golden Tee 2019 is released in the Fall of 2018.

Golden Tee '97 marquee

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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