Mystic Hills debut
Our second re-imagined GT Fore! course is coming soon!

Mystic Hills

Mystic Hills, our second re-imagined Golden Tee Fore course, is coming sooner rather than later and you better get ready for it!

Mystic Hills, tucked away in the mountains of Lanesboro, Pennsylvania, was one of the original five courses released on Golden Tee Fore way back in 2000!

It has now been re-imagined for Golden Tee 2018 and your first taste of it comes tomorrow, Friday, February 2nd.

This week's Freaky Friday will be all 18 holes of Mystic Hills in their re-imagined glory.  On Monday, February 5th, Mystic will be released as a invitational contest exclusive.

And then once the calendar hits March 1, Mystic will be unleashed into glory play and prize play!  Get ready, you'll soon have 7 courses to tackle throughout the world of GT 2018!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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