Rattlesnake Ridge
Rattlesnake Ridge continues to dominate invite contests as Jan 1st approaches!

It was one of the most beloved courses in Golden Tee Fore! history and now, with its impending debut in Golden Tee 2018, it becomes one of the most score-able courses in pure Golden Tee history!

Thousands of Golden Tee players are currently experiencing the 2002 phenomenon known as Rattlesnake Ridge in invitational contests, but come January 1st, the re-imagined course makes its debut across all modes of play in Golden Tee 2018.

This means that you will be able to play 20 man glory contests and 50 man prize play contests on Rattlesnake.  It means that you may see a par 3 from the course make its way into Money $hot or even Closest to the Pin!  Rattlesnake also will make its way into the daily contest course rotation for even more chances at hitting -34 or better!

Whichever mode of play is your go-to for feeding your GT addiction, you will see this new course available come January 1.  We hope you're ready, because this is only the beginning of 2018, the biggest year in Golden Tee history!

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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