Trick Chip Shots: 2.0
A Week Dedicated to the Short Game Continues With This Resourceful Play on the Royal 16th

Earlier this week, we featured one of the more resourceful chips nailed on Golden Tee 2012. Only days later, we have yet another gem showing off the creativity of some of our golfers out there.

The Royal Cove 16th is a hole you’re likely very familiar with. Chances are you’ve been just about everywhere on this one, and that includes the water (lots of times), hopefully on the green, behind the green and yes, even on the small piece of land situated in the front right corner of the design.

This piece of land can be both good and bad. For one it saves you from heading into the hazard right away. If you have a good look, there’s a good chance that you can get up and down for par. If you’re stuck near the rock wall, however, things can get even dicier.

Unless…you can come up with a shot like this and play the ol' ricochet angle. And who says we only feature the unbelievable “lucky” shots.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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