The Shots of 2012
Examining the Cream of the Crop and the YouTubes That Mattered Most in the Past Year

It’s that time again. It’s time to celebrate the YouTube moments that mattered in 2012.

Our yearly feature on is rather simple. We take our favorite shots from the past year and feature them in one final countdown before turning the page.

Balancing out the skillful and the lucky is always a challenge when putting together our yearly synopsis, and you’ll find a great deal of both below. “Entertainment” is the name of the game here, and we can appreciate the truly outstanding efforts as well as the shots that ended up horribly awesome. This is the very vague criteria while compiling this year’s top ten.

Let’s get to it, here are the Shots of 2012.

No. 10

If this award was based on hang time only, picking this as our winner would be easy. And although it’s not, this shot is still worthy of a spot in our top ten. Why is he hitting his second shot from the middle of the canyon? Good question, but it did give us this.

No. 9

The only super albatross on this hole doesn’t have a ton to it, but you know the challenges of hitting this tight opening on the first try. Seriously, thousands of virtual balls have been lost trying to muster up this one video, and that’s worthy of a spot here.

No. 8

Anytime a barn comes into play, chances are you’re going to get noticed. That’s exactly what happened here, and this is a moment geometry fans will appreciate. The direction and execution tells me this shot was intentional, but the score perhaps indicates otherwise.

No. 7

An old school course makes an appearance for a simple yet outstanding reason. This is the longest hole-in-one on YouTube that we know of, and the obscene amount of Great Shot Points handed over tell the story. From long (and I mean long) distance.

No. 6

From the barn to the silo. This bank shot benefits from a favorable wind and a kiss from the giant red building, and the result is YouTube gold. It throws in an absolutely pristine bounce onto the green, narrowly missing the water as a cherry on top.

No. 5

The shot is fantastic, but this one also requires background. Mark Stenmark hit this shot playing in the finals of the Windy City Open, a massive live event this past year. Because of this shot (and a few others) he nailed a -30. IN A LIVE TOURNAMENT.

No. 4

Damage Inc. is a Great Shot regular, and his Coconut Beach effort shortly after the release showcases creativity while also pushing the elements to the max. So much risk in a shot like this, but so much reward. Absolutely perfect.

No. 3

On the topic of making the most of your surroundings, our bronze metal shot certainly did this and then some. Andy Haas, with a nearly impossible pin placement, hoped that his ball would bounce onto the green. Oh, it did.

No. 2

If and when you get stuck in an impossible situation—in a pot bunker, behind a tree, etc.—remember this shot. Using the courses to the fullest has become a theme throughout our top ten, and we’ll stay with it here. Absolute GT brilliance.

No. 1

So much had to happen for this shot to work, yet it’s over in an instance. Off the (bottom of the) roof, off the concrete, over the glorious pool, and in the cup. Just once I want something like this to happen to me in this glorious game, although this one is truly unbelievable. Believe it.

Think you've got a shot that tops these? Prove it. Post it below, and if it's good enough we'll feature it in a follow-up!

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