Shot of the Year: Stay Tuned
We’re Sorting Through Them All, and Soon One Shot Will Be Crowned as THE Shot of 2011

It’s that time again. 2011 is in the rearview, but before we completely turn our attention towards 2012 we must celebrate the finest YouTube moments of the past year.

Over the next few days we’ll be looking at hundreds of Golden Tee Great Shots from the past year and include the finest efforts in one last Shot of the Year feature. There will be plenty of shots included in this piece, but only ONE shot will be crowned Shot of the Year.

If you have a shot that you believe belongs in the running for this prestigious title, visit the Golden Tee Facebook Page and share this shot in the feed. We’ll accept submissions up through Thursday and hopefully have the Shot of the Year article up before the weekend.

We’re looking forward to reviewing the best of the best, and would love to hear your thoughts once they’re posted. Sneak Peek: It'll be shots like this that make the cut.

Should be a fun week, stay tuned to for more!


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