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Make Sure to Bring in 2012 in Style! Here are Your GT New Year’s Giveaway Codes

We’re throwing out all our calendars, assembling resolutions that will surely be ignored in thirty days, and readying ourselves for a clean slate. It’s time for 2012, and Golden Tee wants you to celebrate this occasion in style.

New Year’s giveaway codes from the past two years are the perfect way to bring in January 1st. And starting in 2012, Golden Tee will reveal four all-NEW giveaway code items for your golfer!

For those of you that don’t have these items yet, however, here’s how to get ‘em.

To get the first set of clothing items, hit the "Options" button at any point during the game and highlight and select "Give Away Code." After doing that, you'll then be prompted to enter a 10-digit code to receive the New Year’s clothing items. From there simply type in 12ACED2011 (The number twelve, the word "aced" and 2011). Enter the code in twice and you will receive a slick pair of New Year’s pants and matching shirt. There's also a New Year’s hat already included.

The next outfit is perfect for those of you willing to class up your golfer with a New Year’s tux.

Just type in 0520102010 (a zero, a five, and then 2010, 2010) and you will receive one of three other New Year’s clothing items! The giveaway code may be entered three times to complete the entire outfit.

Enjoy the gear, and happy New Year’s from Incredible Technologies. We’ll see all of you in 2012!

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