The Golden Tee 2012 Halloween Giveaway Code is ALIVE!

Halloween is all about the costume. And while Golden Tee is much deeper than what your golfer wears on a given evening, how you dress your player can say a lot about your character on the virtual course.

Golden Tee and Halloween are a perfect match for this very reason. Many of you already have hundreds of possible clothing combos to wear to give your player a Halloween-like feel if you like each and every night. Although there are already plenty of options, to celebrate one of our favorite holidays we’re giving you one more to add to your arsenal.

The 2012 Halloween Giveaway Code is now live in Golden Tee 2012!

To enter the code simply hit the "Options" button at any point during the game and highlight and select "Give Away Code. You'll then be prompted to enter a 10-digit code to receive the clothing items. From there simply type in 18B0000002 (a one, an eight, the letter B, six zeros and a two) and you’ll receive a very special GT mask! This baby is unlike anything you have in your wardrobe already.

For those of you that may recognize this code, that’s because it’s very similar to our older Halloween Giveaway Code that has been in the game. Although it’s not new, it might be new to you.

 If you don’t already have the pumpkin head, spider shirt and orange pants, these items can be yours by entering in 04B0000000 (a zero, a four, the letter B, and seven zeros) at the Giveaway Code screen. Be sure to enter this one in three times for the full wardrobe!

Enjoy the new gear, and be sure to tune into for more 2012 Giveaway items throughout the next year! Happy Halloween from Incredible Technologies.

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