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Golden Tee’s Facebook Page Now Has More Than 20,000 Fans!

The Golden Tee Facebook Page is now more than 20,000 strong.

Over the past three years, this online community of Golden Tee players has built it self up to be so much more. Through all the YouTubes, convos, contests and polls, it’s become the game’s hangout when you’re not at your local cabinet.

While message boards, forums and fan pages have been around since the Internet became, well, the Internet, Facebook opened up a new type of vocal trackball community when fan pages started popping up more than three years ago. What began with just a few hundred fans talking about their favorite game is now a robust group that interacts on a daily basis.

From all of us at Golden Tee, we thank you for making the page what it is today and we look forward to reaching new milestones in the coming weeks and years. If you’re not a fan of the page already, check us out at to get in on the action.

We’ve got plenty more in store for this page in the near future, and trust me when I say you won’t want to miss it.

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