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From the Family that Brought You the GT Tattoo, Here is the Golden Tee Haircut

A few months ago, featured the first known Golden Tee tattoo.

This wonderful rib tribute came courtesy of Arizona player Justin Gordecki, who obviously enjoys the game more than the average player. A LOT MORE. We celebrated Justin’s recent ink, and now we’re celebrating another member of Justin’s family for more Golden Tee awesomeness.

Meet: Brandon Ruehl, the younger brother of Justin Gordecki who only recently started playing Golden Tee this year. Now, meet Brandon’s head, which now has the Golden Tee logo shaved into it for the time being.

This new look, which was the brainchild of Brandon and Justin, came about when Brandon asked his older brother to trim his mohawk. This trim turned into something more, and Brandon left with the classic GT logo that you see above.

Although we’re all for GT-centric haircuts, the ultimate GT fandom award still goes to Justin. His younger brother is a close second. Hair does indeed grow back, tattoos, well, that gets a little more complicated.

Thanks to Brandon and Justin for sharing, and here’s hoping for big things for both of these avid GT fans in 2012.

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