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Fresh Off His Tournament Win, Mark Stenmark Drops the First –30 on GT 2012

Houston pro Mark Stenmark has officially taken over Golden Tee.

This past weekend he was the first player to win a GT tournament on the 2012 courses at the NIV 9, and now he’s making more news with his superb trackball play.

On Tuesday, Mark became the first Golden Tee player in the world to hit a –30 on one of the new 2012 courses!

Stenmark hit his 30 under while playing on Auburn Glen, which is incredibly impressive on so many levels. This monster game, which was equipped with nearly 100,000 Great Shot Points, has helped him stay atop the Golden Tee World Rankings. As we mentioned in the Richmond recap, no one is playing better than him right now.

Congratulations to Mark on his ridiculous game and superb GT run.

Which course will be next to fall? Will it be Stenmark that takes it down? Stay tuned to to find out.

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