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Reaching the Grand Canyon 14th in One Can be Done, But it Won’t be Easy

Consider this an advanced tutorial of the Grand Canyon 14th.

The 14th hole might not seem drivable at first glance, but Illinois golfer Jeff Lannen demonstrated that with the right conditions it can most certainly be reached and perhaps eventually aced.

In this particular instance Lannen used a 3-wood with a high tee and carried his drive 360 yards in the air. His wind was favorable, meaning out and towards the green and he was in the ideal tee area to reach. While he made this shot look incredibly easy, Jeff admitted that it was far from it.

“With the perfect setup a 3 or 4-wood with a high tee can get there, Lannen said. “ To do it, the line has to be perfect in order to reach the green and clear the rock. I’ve reached a handful of times but it’s also proved to be a very tough shot in the early going.”

If you’re feeling frisky and want to impress your bar buddies, perhaps it’s worth a shot. There’s also nothing wrong with putting it in the fairway and giving yourself a birdie putt either.

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