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Wanna See a Golden Tee Tattoo? Of Course You Do!

First and foremost, we apologize to those of you that might be offended by a little male body hair. With that out of the way, HOLY #$%^ IT’S A GOLDEN TEE TATTOO.

We received this photo late Monday evening and were just as shocked as you are that someone would get the Golden Tee logo tattooed on their person. We’re also touched that there are players out there that love the game that much.

The inked-up abdomen you’re looking at belongs to Arizona trackballer Justin Gordecki. Justin, who also sported an impressive Mohawk at this year’s Denver Open, is without question Golden Tee’s biggest fan.

While Justin isn’t taking down GT tournaments just yet, with dedication like this we can assume it’s only a matter of time. Oh, and in case you were wondering, this marks the second IT-themed tattoo of 2011.

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