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How Far Did Your Tee Shots Travel in 2011? How Many Aces Were Hit? We’ve Got Answers

The end of the year is upon us, which means we’re throwing out our calendars and gearing up for a monstrous 2012. Before we officially leave 2011 behind, however, we must celebrate the year that was.

Some celebrate with champagne; others make New Year’s resolutions that will likely be unachievable by March. We’re looking back on 2011 by breaking out the ol’ calculator and adding up all your trackball efforts from the year that was. Needless to say, you’ve accumulated some impressive numbers throughout the year.

These numbers don’t include the remaining days in 2011, but they are in fact accurate and give an idea of just how far your drives traveled, how many times your tee shots found the cup, and how many points you accumulated over the year.

We begin with the tee shots. For many of you, there’s nothing quite like hitting your drive past your buddy and then mocking him for it shortly after. In 2011, we could travel around the earth 3.43 times with the combined distance from GT players off the tee.

How about going up versus around? We could have hit the International Space Station with 298.65 golf balls with this distance as well. And finally, to put this all in further perceptive, your drives traveled a combined 85,416.26 miles (!!!) in 2011.

As for some other meaningful numbers, here they are. Thanks once again for your play this year, and happy holidays from Incredible Technologies.

Total Birdies: 53,063,209

Total Eagles: 12,611,605

Holes in One: 151,515

Great Shot Points: 39,717,953,501

Golden Tee Points (get out that calculator): 17,689,650,557

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