Every Dog Has Its Day
Golden Tee’s Latest Fan Does Indeed Have a Tail

What’s that? Your dog can “sit” and even “give a paw?” Oh and he can “roll over” also? Wow, that’s really impressive. You must have worked long and hard with him to get him to do such AMAZING tricks.

I’ve taught my dog a trick, too.

This wonderful shot comes courtesy of Scott Stratten, and it truly embraces what Golden Tee is all about. We don’t care if you’re a man, woman or dog. We don’t care how good you are at the game. We don’t care if you have a tail and even slobber on the trackball (although we’d prefer you wouldn’t). Golden Tee can be enjoyed by everyone.

Now, who wants to wager on the dog’s handicap?

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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