Countin' Down 2011's Best
The Finest YouTube Moments from the Past Year and the “Super” Shot on Top

Over the past twelve months, we watched thousands upon thousands of Golden Tee Great Shots, searching for the truly outstanding efforts that separate themselves from the bunch. We’ve grouped these shots in monthly features, showcased many of them in posts, and enjoyed them on both the Golden Tee Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Now, however, it’s time to crown the best of the best. And before we truly embrace 2012, we must first crown the Shot of the Year and celebrate the Golden Tee Great Shots of 2011.

This process was far from easy. We sorted through all the shots (and then some) dug up in the past year and separated the best of the best. A LOT of incredible efforts that certainly could’ve made the top ten, didn’t, because we had to draw a very exclusive line. 

Deciding which shots made the cut is where things really got challenging, and the debate of “Luck” versus “Skill” is something we’ve battled back and forth with over the past few years we’ve awarded this honor. Obviously the truly skillful shots should be rewarded for their miraculous intent, but these shots, (which are always appreciated), are repeated much more than the blessed “WHAT THE #$%^?!” shots that only surface every so often. That doesn’t make these intended efforts any less magnificent, but it does decrease entertainment value once you’ve seen a shot two, three, four, or more times.

A combination of truly skilled shots and the over-the-top fortunate shots that have made it this far and you’ll see a combination of both in our 2011 Top Ten. The deciding factor when it comes down to placing one shot over another is overall entertainment value, and many of you will have a different opinion on which shot belongs where or even if it belongs at all. We welcome those thoughts, as always, once you’ve been through them.

So here they are, the finest YouTube moments of the past year. To those of you that made the list, congrats on doing so. And to everyone that uploaded a shot throughout 2011, thank you for your efforts as well.

Cheers, and enjoy.

10. The Ultimate Recovery

9. Rooftop Assist

8. Kickin' It Ol' School

7. Canyon Curve

6. Nothin’ But Concrete and Cup

5. Over The Hill and Through...

4. Bridging The Gap 

3. Posterizing The Par-5

2. Rocky Top Dunk

1. Super Super Albatross

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