Now LIVE: Shots of the Week
The Best YouTube Moments of the Past Seven Days Are Now on Your GT 2012 Cabinet!

The shots heard ‘round the world can now be seen around the world.

The YouTube Shots of the Week are now live on all Golden Tee 2012 games, and five of the week’s most incredible efforts will now be showcased in the Attract Mode.

When a game is not being played these shots will countdown until the #1 shot is revealed. In the early going these aren’t just for entertainment purposes, but they can also teach you a thing or two on how to attack one of the new designs.

Take this week’s number one selection for example.

While many of us would never think to bounce our drive up to the top of Mount Everest, we learned that this shot is not only feasible but perhaps a very solid option when given a tough wind or pin placement.

This, along with the four other shots featured this week, will cycle on the game giving you plenty of entertainment when you’re not playing. Next week we’ll load up a fresh batch of the latest and greatest from 2012.

Have a shot that you think warrants a spot on the game? Share your Golden Tee moments on the Golden Tee Facebook Page and you could be the next Great Shot star.

Stay tuned to for more on the truly amazing efforts in Golden Tee and check out your local 2012 game to see the YouTube Shots of the Week!

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