Back and Better Than Ever
The PowerPutt LIVE Recording Studio is Open, and a Familiar Voice is Hard at Work

Jack “Shooter” Thompson is back in business, only this time he’s taken his unmistakable commentating craft to a different game.

The longtime voice for the Target Toss Pro series, JST recently began recording the many sounds for PowerPutt LIVE. While Shooter’s cornhole and lawn dart prowess is unprecedented, he also happens to be one of the finest virtual mini-golfers in the country.

PowerPutt LIVE is set to hit bars and locations in spring of 2012, and Shooter is firing up the ol’ vocal cords to get us ready for launch. The crowded sound room was trying to hold back laughter during the recording, which is a good sign for those planning on testing out the LIVE waters soon enough.

We’ll reveal some sights and sounds for the game soon enough, so be sure to stay tuned to LIVEWIRE for all your PowerPutt LIVE news.

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