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Having Issues With the Grand Canyon 17th? Perhaps These YouTubes Will Help

If you’ve played Golden Tee 2012, you’re already well aware of the 17th hole on Grand Canyon.

It’s one of the game’s toughest par-3s, and there are certainly plenty of ways to find things other than the small green positioned directly against the other side of canyon. By now you’ve likely donated a virtual ball or two while trying to figure out just how to play this design with different setups.

Thanks to YouTube, we’ve been able to see what has been working for those trying out different ways to master this design. There’s the ol’ fashion way of sticking the green and draining the ace without much flash, and then there’s those that are taking advantage of the opening in the canyon wall and enjoying the rollercoaster ride down. There are also those shots that are somewhat in between.

If you’ve been looking for a little inspiration on just how to tackle this Jim Z design, perhaps the following will get you pointed in the right direction.

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