To the Haunted House We Go
Introducing PowerPutt LIVE 2013’s Most Terrifyingly Awesome Creation

Our second course preview for PowerPutt LIVE 2013, you can find the first preview here.

The first item I noticed while playing Haunted Hills was the journey.

I suppose it’s cliché to call 18 holes of mini-golf a “journey,” but this fascinating PowerPutt LIVE 2013 course has that feel.

Forget about 18 holes in a setting with various obstacles setup on each. Haunted Hills takes you on a trip around, into, below and even on top of a home that is, well, haunted. The result is a story of sorts, and variety in a design unlike anything done in the game before.

You’ll see graves, bats, skeletons and the classic horror items surface, of course, but you’ll get much more than that. I have to say; the holes positioned on the inside of this giant mansion were my own personal favorite, an unexpected surprise along the way.

It’s a sprinkle of Clue, a dash of Resident Evil, a splash of that overrated haunted house with the corny plastic skeleton, and a large helping of creative putt-putt design. Trust me, the combination works in a big way.

Much more on the new courses to come. Stay tuned for more!

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