IT's... an Emoji?
The Golden Tee 2017 Halloween Give Away Code - an Emoji! - is LIVE! Go Unlock It!

For those in dire need of a last-minute costume, look no further. Your friends have exactly what your Halloween needs: a fashionable emoji to wear on your head.

There are a few matters to address before we proceed any further. Yes, Golden Tee is keeping its Halloween tradition of giving away gear. And yes, there are emojis in Golden Tee 2017.

This particular emoji you will unlock be entering in the give away code is perfect for the occasion: it’s just the right amount of mischief. Your virtual golfer needs this.

And all you have to do to unlock it is visit any Golden Tee 2017 cabinet, play any online game and hit the options button. Select Give Away Code at any point during your game, insert 50B0002017 and the devilish, purple emoji will be all yours.

That code once again is 50B0002017. (Yes, those are zeroes completing the holiday fun.)

Once you do that, the emoji is yours. Throw it on at any time, and your costume will be complete. Have a wonderful, safe Halloween, and be sure to stay tuned to for more Give Away Code fun.


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