New and Improved
Checkout the Renovated Golden Tee Home Edition Website; 2017 Shipping Now!

The Golden Tee Home Edition’s online home has undergone a significant makeover just in time for 2017. now includes all the new features included in the 2017 update, which is shipping now!

It also has added more pages, more videos, more information and more tools to help those who are thinking about buying a game, trying to install a game they just purchased or those who are looking to maximize their playing experience.

It’s no longer just a sales website filled with pictures, trailers, pricing and specs. It still serves this purpose—and the new interactive specs page is worth checking out no matter what—although it is so much more.

Soon, will be the online hub for Golden Tee Home Edition World Rankings. These will launch on December 1, and we cannot wait for it to debut. We also plan to build an elaborate player help section that will show you some helpful ways to improve your game.

So check out our new menu system and everything the new site has to offer. If you own a game and have not secured your update just yet, now is the time. And if you are thinking about adding the same game from your local watering hole to your basement or man cave, now would be the time to do so.

Visit, you guessed it, for more.


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