Talkin' Turkey
A Thanksgiving Gift (And Message) From Your Pals at Golden Tee

For the love of everything, brine your turkeys. This is an important message from your favorite arcade game, which would be strange in most situations. But on Thanksgiving, normal rules don’t apply. And this is really, really important.

It’s Thanksgiving—the most incredible holiday of the year.

We did not come just to lecture you about your bird; we also come with gifts, at least for some. If you for whatever reason have not unlocked one of the best clothing items we’ve ever made, you can do so now. WEAR THIS TURKEY—BRINED, OF COURSE—ON YOUR HEAD.

To unlock this item, simply hit the menu button during any LIVE game, select Giveaway Code and enter the following.

28F00D2013 - Yes, those zeros help us spell food. That is why we get paid the big bucks.

That’s it. From there, you can access the turkey hat by going into the customization menu. Throw it in, and you’re all set. Oh, it looks nice on you.

From everyone at Golden Tee, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Gobble gobble, all. (And do not forget to brine.)


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