The Day is Finally Here
Blackout Wednesday is LIVE! $500 Added to the Daily Contest and Money $hot!

Welcome friends, to Blackout Wednesday. We made it.

The biggest bar night of the year is here, and to celebrate this glorious day—a night of drinks and debauchery before turkey consumes all—we’re offering up big prizes on the Daily Contest and Money $hot.

Today and today only, $500 is being added to each game mode. The Daily Contest prize pool will now start at $1,600, paying out the top 400 finishers. The Money $hot prize pool will now start at $1,300, and the top 300 finishers will walk away with a cash prize.

You can play each mode as many times as you please. Only your best score in the Daily Contest will count, and you can hone in on the same conditions. In Money $hot, only your closest tee shot will be displayed on the leaderboard—although you can get as many cracks at the different looks on the same hole as you wish.

Best of all? The more play that comes in, the more these pools will grow throughout the course of the day. And with Golden Tee expected to be a nightly fixture this evening, the play is expected to come in at a lovely, frantic pace.

So what are you waiting for? Check out of work, make dinner plans, don’t even bother going home, do whatever necessary to head to your local Golden Tee cabinet and spend a few hours taking a crack at some fantastic prizes.

Your responsibilities tomorrow are, well, limited. Tonight is the night to do it up right. Keep current with your standing in both modes on or the GT Caddy app.

Happy Blackout Wednesday to all.


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