Unlock the Monster
The 2016 Halloween Give Away Code is ALIVE; Complete Your Frankenstein!

Your golfer needs a Halloween costume, but not just any costume. He or she needs… the perfect gear for this week. Golden Tee is here to help.

The days of wearing Frankenstein on your head are over; now you can become a monster from head to toe.

The Golden Tee 2016 Halloween Giveaway Code is LIVE, allowing you to complete the outfit that was years in the making.

By now, you already have the Frankenstein head. If not, have no fear. Type in 30B0002013 at the Give Away Code screen, and you’ll unlock this item. You can enter Give Away Codes at any point during a LIVE game. Simply hit the options menu at any point, highlight and select Give Away Code and off you go.

To complete the outfit—unlocking the matching shoes and knickers for your Frankenstein, which are new to 2016—enter 45B0002016 on Golden Tee 2016 cabinet. In order to complete the outfit, you must enter in that code twice.

Once you do, you will be prompted with the alert that you have unlocked the item. Throw them on your golfer, and you’ll be ready to terrify everything in your path.

Enjoy the gear, and have a happy, Golden Tee-filled Halloween.


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