The Golden Tee Home Edition Holiday Sale
Hear Us Out; It's Never Too Early For Massive Holiday Savings

Yes, it’s early. Let’s address that out of the gate. The Halloween decorations are still being tucked away and warm weather, strangely, still exists. But soon—really, really soon—you will need the perfect holiday first for a loved one (or perhaps yourself).

Enter: The Golden Tee Home Edition Holiday Sale—a chance to bring the game you know and love home to your living room or man cave for a special holiday price.

It’s time.

Offering up free shipping isn’t good enough. Not this time of year. We’ll send it to you free of cost, but we’re sweetening the pot some. Not only do all Golden Tee 2016 purchases before December 25 come with free shipping, but they’ll also be $500 off.

Huge, huge savings. We love the holidays and we love all of you.

And you love Golden Tee, which is precisely why the Home Edition has seen its popularity skyrocket. The online version of the game comes equipped with 55 courses, online tournaments, stat-tracking, YouTube uploads, an all-new Closest-to-the-Pin mode and so much more.

The golfer you have built in the bar can be yours in your living room. Use your equipment, build your equipment and dress your golfer how you want him/her. Then play as many games as you please from the comfort of your man cave or basement.

Around this time of year, many will want to do just that. With the weather turning and the shopping season suddenly near, look no further than this magnificent game. Sure, you have some time before the holiday madness kicks up to a nuclear level—but why wait?

Interested? Contact us with questions or to place an order.

And if you’d like to read up more about Golden Tee 2016 and what the Home Edition has to offer, visit

Happy Holidays. (OK, that sounds weird. But just go with it for now.)


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