The Return of Blackout Wednesday!
$500 Added to the Daily Contest AND Money $hot the Day Before Thanksgiving!

Two weeks from today, on a Golden Tee holiday known appropriately as Blackout Wednesday, two of Golden Tee 2016’s most exciting game modes will enjoy fattened up prize pools just before Thanksgiving arrives.

Yes, November 25 is bar Christmas. And to celebrate, we’re adding $500 to the Daily Contest and Money $hot.

All you have to do is play. Play one, play the other, play bothplay as much as you please. That’s it.

With zero responsibilities beyond eating, watching football and taking Advil the following day, playing Golden Tee for big ol’ cash prizes should be easy the night before. That’s what makes this Wednesday so special; it was made for you.

Instead of $1,100, the Daily Contest’s starting prize pool will be $1,600. And as is Blackout Wednesday tradition, the course of choice will be on the lovely Bonnie Moor. Bonnie is Golden Tee’s turkey; we love it always and forever..

Money $hot’s starting prize pool will boost from $800 to $1,300. This means that the prizes—especially that juicy top prize—will be a little juicer.

Clear the schedule now—November 25, 2016—the day Blackout Wednesday got bigger and better.

See you on the Daily. See you on Money $hot.

Gobble Gobble.

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