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You Absolutely Have to See This Shot on Volcano Palms No. 16

It’s not that Hole 16 of Volcano Palms hasn’t been aced before. It has, more than once, actually. But it has never been aced quite like this—a shot that will likely lead to many failed attempts, maybe a handful of successful follow-ups and certainly a placement in Shot of the Week.

This lovely little par-5 can be a difficult to reach in two let alone one, but there are the rare occasions when the wind and tee box align and you can power a high-teed 3-wood over the volcano toward the green.

That is the usual strategy, at least. But there is, apparently, another way. With a driver and a straight shot, Missouri golfer Sean Gervais proves that you can navigate the trees with just the right attempt. You can also bounce down the volcano with the right hops. And, if everything aligns, you can find the cup if it happens to get in the way.

Try this at home, but do so with caution. Or at least don’t be mad if/when it fails to do this.

Golden Tee PGA TOUR 2023
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