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A Double Eagle on a Hoverboard? A Double Eagle on a Hoverboard

For centuries, one question stumped the world’s brightest and most curious minds. This question, something that carries a weight beyond even the meaning of life, had yet to be answered.

Has anyone ever hit a double eagle in a game of Golden Tee on a hoverboard?

Up until the now, the answer was no. At the very least, so we believe. That changed this week when an email showed up in my inbox showcasing something I never thought I’d see.

Even when I saw it, I had to watch it again. And again. And again. And I am still watching.

Included in this video was Shay Mooney, playing a game of Golden Tee with his buddies. Only he wasn’t just playing GT—he was hitting a shot with a Swagway Hoverboard below his feet. As a good friend does with embarrassment looming, Tony Holloway turned on the camera.

He filmed one shot. This was that shot. It changed history, I guess.


Disclaimer (Courtesy of Legal): We do not recommend you try this at home. Please do not try this at home. Leave it up to the professionals (???) because this is actually somewhat dangerous and actually not something anyone should ever do. Plus, you have enough issues hitting greens without wheels on the side of your feet. Sorry about that. We say that with love.

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