How Does 459 Yards Sound?
Less Than a Week After the Record Fell, a New Longest Hole-in-One is Found

So the record for Golden Tee LIVE’s longest hole-in-one stood for a cup of coffee.

Last week we celebrated Andy Haas’s 452-yard hole-in-one on Elkhorn No. 1. We thought that this one might hold up for a while. That was the idea, at least.

After all, FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY TWO YARDS is quite a distance.

But then Justin Clark came along and delivered a similar shot on the exact same hole, only his was even farther. Now, it’s worth noting that Clark uploaded this shot twice. He accepted the Golden Tee Great Shot option AND paid to have his shot uploaded via replay. That’s how much he wanted it.

It’s easy to see why.

Here is the new longest hole-in-one in the history of LIVE: a 459-yard hole-in-one that would have gone even further had the pin not get in the way.

Let’s see how long this one stands. We’ll assume nothing this time around.


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