The Dog Days Daily is LIVE!
We've on Kangaroo Trail With Our Special $1,000 Daily Contest Event!

The Dog Days Daily has arrived, which means you have until midnight central to play as many games on the Daily Contest as you please. Or perhaps as many times as it takes.

This is not your typical Daily event. For starters, we’re playing on Kangaroo Trail—a 2005 LIVE original and a fan favorite. Even bigger, however, is the fact that we’ve added an extra $1,000 to the prize pool.

That’s right. The typical starting prize pool of $1,100 has been nearly doubled to $2,100. The starting top prize is nearly $200.

Oh, and this will grow. The more play that comes in, the more the prizes and overall prize pool will move. You can play as many games on the same exact conditions, honing in on winds and pins. The top 400 scores by the end of the day will walk away with a cash prize.

Whether Kangaroo is new to you or not, don’t wait. Enjoy this special event today and perhaps you can win big along the way. Let the Dog Days Daily commence.


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